mercredi 22 février 2017

Jeremy Gavroche "Qui peut être cet homme"

Xao Seffcheque und Der Rest "Eine nacht in Tunesien"

Trans Am "Play in the summer"

Warm Digits "Weapons destruction"

Moon Wiring Club "Queen of puddings"

Moon Wiring Club & Belbury Poly "The young people"

Mike Pedicin "Burnt toast & black coffee"

Big Ella "The Queen"

Jo Ann Henderson "Baby please don't go"

The Strangers "The caterpillar crawl"

Prince & The Paupers "Exit"

Dick D'Agostin "Night walk"

The Jesters "A-Rab"

The Sneaky Petes "Savage part.2"

jeudi 19 janvier 2017

The Sound Stylistics "The players theme"

Billy Davis "Stanky get Funky"

Hank Levine "Midnight"

Duane Eddy & His Twangy Guitar "Stalkin"

Chris Montez "Let's dance"

Jean Dushon "Plaything"

Ted Taylor "Somebody's always trying"

Sandy Nelson "Casbah"

Les Talismans "L'interplanetaire"

Kuf-Linx "Service with a smile (feat. John Jennings)"